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5B797B62 3343 4A7C 8E6E 8872419CD966 scaled - Connecting cable with garden lighting

Connecting cable with garden lighting

There are different methods when connecting garden lighting with cables. We explore some methods below. Firstly, when connecting outdoor lighting to the mains you must always use or consult a qualified electrician. A simple way of setting a garden lighting system up is to get an electrician to run a swa…

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D41C8A7D 4478 48BA 8858 DB40D78283EC - Outdoor hot tub lighting

Outdoor hot tub lighting

When lighting around hot tubs and swimming pools the first thing any outdoor lighting installer needs to consider is safety. This involves not only what type of lights to use but the lighting location, to help the client  navigate the space safely and avoid any trip hazards. We would always…

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