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2FB4AC06 F16C 4A07 95B5 2B34F05F9B37 - Installing Festoon Lights

Installing Festoon Lights

Festoon lighting can often be dismissed as a bit kitch. However done correctly festoons can provide not only practical lighting but can help create a warm and inviting area to socialise when the sun goes down. They are perfect for lighting outdoors in gardens, gazebos, patios, dining areas and path ways. …

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oglander garden h  7310 - Introduction to garden lighting part 2

Introduction to garden lighting part 2

Following on from part 1, we are looking at some of the other main aspects of garden lighting such as wattage, IP rating, types of lights and the different material finishes. Wattage output This indicates the amount of power a fitting or led uses. It’s important to note this number…

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DSC0623 - Copper spike spot outdoor light - review

Copper spike spot outdoor light – review

The copper adjustable spike spot outdoor light design is one our most popular products for garden lighting installations. The garden light can be used as a feature in multiple ways, such as garden or path up or down, cross or back lighting. The LED lamp that is put in these…

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