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Plug and Play – Stainless Steel Recessed Side Light Kit – 6 Lights (90 lumens each)

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Plug and play, set of 6 – stainless steel recessed side lights. Complete kit for plug and play garden lighting, easy to connect and create an illuminating night time garden. The 6 lights come with the required plug and play connectors, cable, transformers, timer and integral lamps. Put the system on a timer and connect the cables with the lights, automatically switching on the lights at the designated time till required. Adding extra lights or accessories may require additional transformers and cables.

The set contains the following –

6x 1watt led 304 stainless steel side lights (with integral lamps)
5x T plug and play connections
8x 2m cable lengths
1x 5m cable length
1x 3T plug and play connector
1x 60watt 12v transformer
1x 12v photocell timer


This high grade die cast aluminium and 304 stainless steel, low voltage recessed side light is ideal for lighting up paths and driveways. The recessed light has toughened glass and integrated LED light. The light illuminates pathways bringing the outside of your property to life.

This light fitting can be used in a plug and play system or the connectors can be removed and used as a normal two core input and output lead and connected using heat shrink and crimps. If the final light does not require the output lead simply cap it off.

The lights are suitable for outdoor lighting use and come with a three year warranty.

Product description
Die cast aluminium and 304 stainless steel
Toughened glass
Integrated high power LED
Waterproof (IP 67)
1W LED side / path light
Volts AC12v / DC 24V, Max 1.5W
Average life 50,000hrs
Colour 2700k (warm white)
Beam 120 degrees
Lumens 90 lumens
Cable 2 x 1m lead


The lights can be bought individually too, link below.

LED Recessed Side Light 12v (90 lumens) | Garden & Landscape Lighting (


Thank you for using the Garden and landscape plug and play system, please see attached diagram guide for putting the system together.

  1. Locate the 60 or 100 watt transformer within your kit and place by power source either an indoor our outdoor plug. Please ensure it is RCD protected.
  2. Plug in the lux timer and select your setting.
  3. Plug in 3 way T connector to lux timer and proceed to run your cables into the garden.
  4. At each point you require a light place a T connector in between the supply cables and connecting the lights.
  5. Carry on to the next light.
  6. Avoid runs of over 25 meters but if require double up your cables or split the run over several cable runs.
  7. Plug in the transformer and either switch on to test or select photocell to come on when dark.
  8. If you want to simply use a smart plug on and off switch simply remove the lux timer and connect the lights directly to the transformer.

Extra tips.

You can add extra protection to the cables by using black 25mm flexible conduit or straight conduit.

Try moving the lights around at night as many different effects can be achieved by simply altering the direction or the angle of the light.

Extra lights, cable and connectors can be purchased just remember to not exceed the maximum output of the transformer there for if you have a 60 watt transformer we would recommend a maximum of 13x 4 watt lights be used on that transformer never exceed the maximum rating.


To learn more about the installing the lights, click on the link below.

G&L Lighting – Plug and Play garden lighting range | Garden & Landscape Lighting (

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